good humour upon Mr. Barnstaple. “Three thousand years

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`Hah!' said the Marquis again, in a well-satisfied manner.

good humour upon Mr. Barnstaple. “Three thousand years

`If it ever becomes mine, it shall be put into some hands better qualified to free it slowly (if such a thing is possible) from the weight that drags it down, so that the miserable people Who cannot leave it and who have been long wrung to the last point of endurance, may, in another generation, suffer less; bat it is not for me. There is a curse on it, and on all this land.'

good humour upon Mr. Barnstaple. “Three thousand years

`And you?' said the uncle. `Forgive my curiosity; do you, under your new philosophy, graciously intend to live?'

good humour upon Mr. Barnstaple. “Three thousand years

`I must do, to live, what others of my countrymen, even with nobility at their backs, may have to do some day--work.'

`Yes. The family honour, sir, is safe from me in this country. The family name can suffer from me in no other, for I bear it in no other.'

The ringing of the bell had caused the adjoining bedchamber to be lighted. It now shone brightly, through the door of communication. The Marquis looked that way, and listened for the retreating step of his valet.

`England is very attractive to you, seeing how indifferently you have prospered there,' he observed then, turning his calm face to his nephew with a smile.

`I have already said, that for my prospering there, I am sensible I may be indebted to you, sir. For the rest, it is my Refuge.'


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